Build a strong body & mind with mindset coaching, strength training, and a balanced fitness & nutrition approach.

Hey! I'm Cristina Link, the owner of FEvolve Fitness and a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach.

I offer Online Customized Coaching that includes mindset coaching, strength training, yoga, and nutrition, to help manage depression with a natural and balanced approach. This complete customized coaching combines fitness and holistic wellness to create a unique and customized plan that fits your lifestyle.

Are you ready to take control of your health + fitness goals while achieving the mental clarity needed to stay consistent?

“I created FEvolve Fitness, because I know what it feels like to be on the path of a lifestyle change, and in need of support from a friend. I help transform your health and fitness AND dive into the inner work, to support you throughout the changes. My intention is to help you know, that you are not alone in this journey. I have been there before and I am here to help you through YOUR journey.”

I am a coach, mentor and fitness coach for women who have struggled with depression, and are looking for a natural relief in health & fitness. 

After completing my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, at The School of Visual Arts, and receiving my Masters Degree in Education, I left teaching in the public school system, to dedicate my life to my passion of helping others live healthy lives.

I transformed my very unhealthy lifestyle and helped manage my own depression with health and fitness. A full focus on mindset shifts was a big part of my journey. I work diligently, and passionately to help other women feel comfortable in their own skin, and find mental clarity while living active lives.

By combining life coaching, mindset coaching, personal training, yoga, and nutrition, I have created a program that ensures your growth in all areas of life, depending on your own personal needs. 

FEvolve Fitness also offers In-home personal training in the North Jersey area.

Visit the ‘our trainers’ page on our website to learn more about in-person training. 

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