Has Diet Culture Effected Your Life?

The pressure of dieting is all around us, and it truly breaks my heart to see everyone so focused on it.

Ill be honest, It took my a long time to come to this realization, but the more and more I committed myself to education in this field, the more I saw a huge problem in the world around us. AND the more I wanted to be apart of the solution to fix it.

A huge question I asked myself in the past and something I ask some of my clients is HOW has dieting interfered with your life?

How has it effected the different areas of your life?

When talking with my clients about their want to explore intuitive eating, we discuss this subject to fully understand their past encounters with dieting.

Having an open conversation about how dieting has harmed them, and what they hope to accomplish with intuitive eating is essential for us to move forward.

I’d love to know how dieting has effected you in your past. You might be surprised by your own answers.

Have you given this any thought before?

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