Intuitive Eating Is A Self Care Framework

I wanted to talk about self-care and attunement disrupters today, because it was something I JUST couldn’t leave out.

An attunement disrupter is anything that interfers with your ability to hear and respond to your needs and your body’s needs.

This is a very important part of Intuitive Eating, because Intuitive Eating is a SELF-CARE framework!

Life can be demanding and chaotic!
But when we don’t take care of ourselves our physical and mental health can suffer in ways you might not notice.

Have you ever been so busy you skip breakfast? And always just tell yourself ‘it’s fine, I’m not hungry”

BUT you don’t get much of a break in your day so you end up snacking instead of eating a balanced meal.

You’re exhausted and finally sit down after a long day for some “you” time. You put on your favorite show and have a snack because you’re starving.

You watch an episode, it’s so good you want to watch another, you start calculating how much sleep you’ll get if you stay up an extra hour….IVE BEEN THERE.

But in the morning you’re really out of focus, Tired and hungry. The cycle continues.

If you are chronically sleep deprived from stress or having trouble getting to sleep on time, it can affect your ability to really hear your hunger and fullness cues. OR if you are skipping meals frequently, your natural cues have disappeared.

We NEED some sort of boundaries to avoid feeling robbed of our energy on a daily basis.

So today, take a little inventory of what self-care activities you do for yourself, and what look for disruptors that get in the way of you caring for your needs.

HOW can you add more self-care into your weekly schedule?

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