I can help you

Achieve Your Fitness Goals
With Success & Support 

I’m inviting YOU to completely gain control over your fitness journey. LEARN how to carve out the time you NEED to thrive. COMPLETELY shift your mindset so you can feel accomplished without feeling like you’re drowning. Through fitness and movement strategies based on your needs, nutrition education and coaching, and lifestyle changes, you can finally FEEL your absolute best.

Are you happy in your fitness journey?

If You Want To Take Action,
Move Forward & Get Results…

Stop waiting. You don’t need the perfect time, perfect schedule, or feel 100% “ready” to take the next step. Part of the journey is going to be building a STRONGER more CONFIDENT version of yourself. Taking the first step is part of forward moving progress

Custom Workouts

Work with Jenifer to create a happy and healthy fitness plan based around your specific GOALS. 

Mental Clarity

Your physical health will be positively impacted but your mental & emotional health will also improve.

Nutrition Education

You'll take a deep dive into nutrition, ditch diet mentality, and learn how to use wholesome foods to heal your body and reach your goals. No deprivation.

Support & Security

Jenifer sticks with you every step of the way. She is a safe place to discuss how you can push past old habits and fears and move on with confidence. 

“After 2 months of working with Jenifer, I honestly don't even recognize myself. I was never a morning person, but I find myself up early and excited to get to work with Jen. Not only am I doing movements that are enjoyable, I feel stronger than ever. I'm proud of myself and all of the positive changes I've made, all thanks to her support.

Hi I'm Jenifer!

Jenifer Shaffstall is the Head of In-Home Personal Training, and is dedicated to serving our clients in the North Jersey area. She has been with Evolve Mindfully Wellness from the start.

Jenifer struggled with being overweight growing up and into her early adulthood, where she struggled to find a solution that worked for her. Jenifer is a mother of two and raised her boys at a young age. In the process, Jenifer became committed to living a healthy and active life through running and strength training, so that she could live healthy for her children.

Along with being a personal trainer and a certified life coach, Jenifer strives to teach her clients how to live happy and healthy while fitting in the struggles of everyday life.

Evolve Mindfully Wellness Supports Continued education

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Years of experience

Certified Personal Trainers with NASM

Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach

Corrective Exercise Specialists

Precision Nutrition L1

Customers served!


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Why Work With Jenifer?

Once you take the first step, your fear diminishes GREATLY and you have a new sense of freedom. Jenifer has helped women gain a sense of mental clarity in different aspects of their life.

Understand the mindset shift needed to be successful in their health and wellness journey and develop the tools they need to be confident in their workout environment and push themselves EVERY DAY.

Most women are surprised to learn that all the things they were trying in the past were NOT the answer because it didn’t suit their body chemistry. 

They end up valuing the journey, appreciated the breakthroughs, and were HAPPY with where they were at in their life and are successful in ways they never thought they would be.


Take control of your health and fitness goals. Start making REAL progress that makes you feel confident, happy, and successful.