Build a strong connection with your mind & body through Intuitive Eating, Intentional Movement and Mindfullness Coaching

The practices, beliefs, and training that has gone into Evolve Mindfully Wellness shines bright through our logo. Carefully designed, what we pour into our client's wellness journey is represented in our logo

How Our Training Methods Are Represented In Our Logo

A triangle has 3 sides and 3 points which all work together in unison to create alignment,
allowing yourself to tune in, call in, and manifest your desires.

The 3 sides of the Evolve Mindfully triangle represent:
  • The physical plane (the body)
  • The mental plane (the mind)
  • The astral plane (the spirit / soul) 
The 3 points of the Evolve Mindfully triangle represent:
  • To reflect
  • To be mindful
  • To trust & let go

The Mountains and trees symbolize the human experience and journey to deep health. There are many peaks and valleys, as well as large obstacles to trek through. But the journey is a beautiful one, if you are open to taking the time to look around and enjoy the scenery. 

The moon is a sign of constant change. The moon moves through different cycles, does not remain fixed and is forever evolving. It symbolizes the cycle of life itself. In life, we find ourselves in different phases, some where we are able to rest, and others where we must work hard to achieve what we want. 

The human skull represents the vitality and strength of life contained in the human mind.

The beams of light represent the journey to awareness and enlightenment.

Each Phase Of The Moon Has A Different Meaning

Waxing Crescent:

Fresh energy, conceptualize, focus on detail, sprouting creativity

First Quarter:

Momentum, challenges, attention to detail, sending roots, action

Waxing Gibbous:

Patience, edit and refine, nurture your life

Waning Gibbous:

Release and receive, service, harvest, nurture others

Waning Crescent:

Survivor, rest and restore, reflection, intuition

Full Moon:

Peak energy, opportunities for optimal creativity, reflection & rebirth

Last Quarter:

Breakdown, readjustment, transition, forgiveness

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Praise and Testimonials

I was able to completely shift how I view myself AND my body. I have bad days where I criticize myself but I am able to redirect those thoughts into positive ACTIONS. 

My anxiety and feeling of depression on days that are overwhelming has improved by a MILLION just by focusing on my movement and nutrition habits.  

I've always struggled with body image issues. Working with Cristina taught me that loving myself is the first step to true success and long term health and happiness.

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Hi, I'm Cristina Link

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Over the past 5 years I have helped countless women learn how to turn to intentional living to manage their emotions and find joy in movement. . We find a balanced approach to their nutrition by “ditching the diet” mentality and intuitively eating so that they don’t FEAR food anymore.  I work with you to build a plan that gives you routines, intuitive eating exercises, and mental shifts to feel good in your journey again. Working with me, I'm your trusted source, biggest supporter, and guide to a happy lifestyle. 


Are you looking to make a lifestyle change, ditch diets, and LOVE yourself again?