3 Ways You Can Reject the Diet Mentality

So how can we work on ACTUALLY DITCHING diet culture and shielding ourselves from the restriction, deprivation and suffering that is built around diet culture?

<img decoding=” /> Especially when it is EVERYWHERE!

It seems like a hard task.

It seems like we may never be able to rid ourselves of it.

But the truth is, WE get to decide how we want to live.

WE get to be the writers of our own lives and be the expert of our bodies.

Here are 3 ways you can work on the 1st principle of Intuitive Eating: Reject the Diet Mentality <img decoding=” />

<img decoding=” /> Curate your news feed

Unfollow influencers or accounts that make you feel BADLY about yourself and your body. Start living MORE of the people that help inspire you.

<img decoding=” /> Recognize and Acknowledge

Come to terms with how dieting has interfered with your life both physically and psychologically

You can jot down these feelings in a notebook or journal or even a paper napkin. But seeing your thoughts on paper is powerful.

<img decoding=” />Cultivate Self Compassion

This is best done with journaling exercises facilitated by someone training in Intuitive Eating Counseling (<img decoding=” />)

Are you ready to start detoxing out of diet culture? Drop a comment or slide into my DMs.

<img decoding=” /> I’d love to hear your thoughts and give you an exercise that applies to your life.

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