Self-care is NOT selfish…It is SACRED

Self-care is NOT selfish

I believe that self-care is more important than ever.

You may have heard the phrase, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” and for a lot of us, that’s exactly what we’ve been trying to do.

Over and over again, our cup is empty, but yet we still try to pour from it.

How many times do we check in on or take care of others, but neglect taking care of our own health and wellbeing?

How many times are we afraid to open up about the things we’re struggling with because we know our peers and people might be dealing with harder situations or problems?

This year has been a very trying time for us all, and a recurring theme that I’m seeing in a lot of people is a lot of frustration over things not being how they “should” be.

I’ve seen clients beat themselves up over not being able to get into a training routine at home, other clients getting frustrated about not being able to focus on their work tasks like they used to, and people working hard to fight all of the cravings they’ve been experiencing now that they’re at home a lot more than usual.

On top of that, if we don’t open up about the things we are struggling with, they end up getting bottled up inside of us and having high levels of stress and frustration usually doesn’t play well with our overall DEEP health goals.

Please consider this my little reminder, that we need to check in with ourselves also.
Self care is not just going for a manicure or doing a face mask, it’s ASKING OURSELVES what we NEED right now, and honoring that.

You’re an individual in uncharted waters, and what you might need right now may be completely different than what your friend/sister/cousin/coworker needs right now.

For example: For someone who has been drowning in work while trying to balance their responsibilities at home, self-care might mean skipping their regularly scheduled workout this weekend.

Someone who has been working on countless projects over the past few months might feel good letting themselves unwind in front of their tv for a few hours.

It’s nice to check in on others, but check in with yourself, too. If you’ve been doing alright, that’s great!
If you aren’t, understand that you’re not alone, and give yourself permission to take care of YOU.

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Talk soon,
Cristina Link

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