4 Steps To Living Intuitively

In 2022 I made a commitment to stop living my life by numbers and counting everything.

❌ No more macros
❌ No more scales
❌ No more obsession over steps
❌ No more body measurements and body checking

WHY? BECAUSE it put me in a state of suffering and hatred toward my body, mind, and food.

I used to think that by doing all of those thing I was in control of my life.

I struggled with anxiety and depression and movement and nutrition really helped me manage all of those emotions.

What I didn’t realize was all of those things were actually controlling me.

I came to realize there is SO much more to health than what they show you in the media.

We have such a distorted thought process of what that should look like and it only makes the big emotions we have, even bigger.

So I recently took a real dive into my style coaching and revamped my signature program. Women in my program…

👉🏼 Learn to connect with their bodies on a deeper level so they are more self aware and in tune with their needs

👉🏼 Enjoy delicious and nutritious foods that actually help manage their emotions

👉🏼 Don’t feel controlled by a diet and restrictive eating and find peace with food

👉🏼 Learn to use movement as a way to build confidence, happiness, and physical and mental strength

I’ll be sharing all of the steps to living intuitively this month as a way to help others find the road to their own wellness journey.

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